Offering of Precious Relics at Benchen Karma Geleg Dargye Ling

On the 9th of September Tenpa Yarphel, who is Changdzö and personal general secretary to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche and has been Rinpoche's close attendant through 44 years, arrived at Benchen Karma Geleg Dargye Ling, Tenga Rinpoche's center in Odense, Denmark, to offer the precious relics of our Guru and Lord of Refuge.

The relics consisted of relic bones, relic pills (ringsel) and ashes. Also included were some of Tenga Rinpoche's hair as well as a full set of Rinpoche's robes.
Many of Rinpoche's students had travelled from all over Denmark to participate in this auspicious event.
Tenpa-la was heading the procession into the shrine room, where he placed the relics, contained in a small stupa and an amber box, as well as the robes, on Rinpoche's throne. Everybody present offered kataks and flowers and received the blessings by touching their heads to the relics. Thereafter Tenpa presented a beautiful and heart touching speech about Tenga Rinpoche, his passing into parinirvana and the significance of the relics. The ceremony continued with the chants including the 17th Karmapa's Guru Yoga, composed by Tenga Rinpoche as well as the prayer for Tenga Rinpoche's swift return by Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje.
After the ceremony everybody joined for coffee and cake and we concluded with a nice dinner.
Tenga Rinpoche's relics will be kept and displayed at the shrine of the center in order to offer all of Rinpoche's students the continuous opportunity to come and receive the blessings.
Tashi Deleg and greetings from Benchen Karma Geleg Dargye Ling