Kagyu Monlam in Benchen Monastery 2009

The Karma Kagyu Monasteries situated in Kathmandu organize a Kagyu Monlam by turns every year. The Monlam is held for the benefit of all sentient beings, to pray for the world peace and the long life of all precious Dharma Teachers. It has taken place in the capital of Nepal for about 12 years. In March 2009 the Benchen Monastery was responsible to organize this event.

It is a special time of the year due it is the time when Milarepa and Gampopa passed away into Nirvana and it is the time of the Chotrul Duechen, the day of offerings. More than 1600 monks from other monasteries joined the Monlam in the Benchen Gompa. It took place from March 9 - 11.