Glimpses of meetings with Edward Henning (1949 - 2016)

November 14, 2016, Edward Henning died, 67 years old.
Our precious translator who opened the doors to Tenga Rinpoche's teachings has left us behind with grateful minds. Vivid memories appear effortlessly.
  • Pictures of him as a young man meeting the 16th Karmapa in Rumtek, published in the "DHARMA KING" , a mighty volume dedicated to the memory of HH the 16th Karmapa, early witnesses of Edward's decisiveness to cross the cultural borders of his British education. By his decision to learn Tibetan and act as an interpreter he became one of these early  translators almost miraculously appearing when they are needed most.
  • Edward HenningOur first meeting at Tenga Rinpoche's summercourse of 1981 in Tegernbach (Germany), Tenga Rinpoche's melodious Tibetan followed by Edward's impeccable translations, in perfectly pronounced classical Oxford-English.
    Deep wisdom, Empowerments, macrobiotic food and a party with Rinpoche.


  • 1982 Falklandwar. On a carride through London fruitless discussions with an energized Thatcher-fan.
  • At Chime Rinpoche's summercamps in Schwangau, on a lovely meadow below Neuschwanstein castle, cheerful events of a relaxed Dharma-community in the mid-eighties, a slightly embarrassed Englishman on stage gets affectionately caressed by a radiantly smiling Tenga Rinpoche ...     
    The impressing translation of a short, profound teaching on the Three Roots: Lama, Yidam and Protector:
  • the Eds, father and son, leaving Kamalashila Institute in 1989, meanwhile a nice remembrance of things past.  See: at 05:38 . No BMW Alpina yet.
  • Cosy evenings in Munich, the visits due to his work as a computer-journalist, hanging around - enjoying a warm stove and dancing flames, a bottle of Glenfiddich and quite a few cigarettes.  
    And a cup of tea. Some years with little contact.
  • 2000. The 17th Karmapa appears in the - seemingly - Free World.
    First summer courses in BPL (Benchen Phuntsok Ling, Belgium), Tenga Rinpoche's European Seat. 9 am, workshops. Teaching Edward, surrounded by a crowd of colorfully dressed participants, sitting in front of a raw wall.
  • Edward Henningand then Katmandhu, 2012. The death of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, our root Guru.

A last Kora with Edward round Swayambhu Hill with mourning masses, a majestic cremation ceremony for a Great Master. My empty mind with colours of melancholy, followed by a strong conviction that He would come back soon. Our mother-like teacher, leaving us behind with the task to apply the teachings we got.Edward Henning

Gate, Gate Paragate ...


















  • Edward HenningLondon, May 2016. Chime Rinpoche's celebration. And our last day together in this life, unaware. Edward displays his skills as a guide on a walk through London. Delicious food in Chinatown. Our friend seemingly healthy and tough as usual.









Edward Henning had studied mathematics and that proved to be very helpful on his way to become an expert for "Kalacakra and the Tibetan Calendar" (the title of his highly praised book).  In a one-pointed effort over decades he developed - with the help of the upcoming computergraphics - his 3D-Kalacakra-Mandala. It's latest and last version can be downloaded from Edward's website .

I will remember Edward as a man with strong convictions, courageous and straightforward, loving and offending, sitting and dancing, offering his skills with generosity to mankind, following the footsteps of his benignant teachers towards realization of Mahamudra.
We lost a legend.
Farewell, my dear friend, See You ...
 Kalachakra Mandala
.. Wish you were here ..
Wolfgang Neugebauer, November 2016

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