Glimpses of meetings with Edward Henning (1949 - 2016)

November 14, 2016, Edward Henning died, 67 years old.
Our precious translator who opened the doors to Tenga Rinpoche's teachings has left us behind with grateful minds. Vivid memories appear effortlessly.
  • Pictures of him as a young man meeting the 16th Karmapa in Rumtek, published in the "DHARMA KING" , a mighty volume dedicated to the memory of HH the 16th Karmapa, early witnesses of Edward's decisiveness to cross the cultural borders of his British education. By his decision to learn Tibetan and act as an interpreter he became one of these early  translators almost miraculously appearing when they are needed most.

Farewell Hanne


After a long illness, Hanne Pohlmann passed away on February 20, 2023.

She was a close disciple of venerable Tenga Rinpoche since the late 1970s.
As chairperson of Lotus Direkthilfe e.V. she actively supported the Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling Monastery in Kathmandu until her last days.

Most of you know Hanne from many years of summer course in Allmuthen.

We will miss you!

Consecration of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's relic stupa

On the 31. October 2015 in Allmuthen, a wonderful day, Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's nicely built relic stupa that had been constructed at Benchen Phuntsok Ling was consecrated by Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche. Many people have gathered on this beautiful occasion. On the following Sunday morning Rinpoche continued the weekend course by giving teachings and in the afternoon concluded it by bestowing the Thousand-Armed Chenresig empowerment. The weekend course has been wonderful and all the participants enjoyed it very much.

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