Tenga Rinpoche: Prayer for quick return.

Link to prayer in pecha format

Link to the prayer chanted by Umze Tsering from Benchen Monastery: prayer for quick return


Namo Guru.

Glorious lama who has shown me such unequalled kindness, mighty Vajradhara, embodying the awareness of all buddhas; now that you have merged for a while with the dharmadhātu, my humble heart is pained from longing in your absence.

Burdened by failing eyesight and a body with amputated feet and fingers, the tireless father continuously acted for the benefit of others; I remember the kindness of the noble lama.

Remembering, I dwell on the vision of your joyous face; remembering, my ears fill with your gentle speech; remembering, I embrace in my heart your loving compassion; remembering, remembering, my noble one, I remember you.

May your emanated youthful Sun quickly rise, your enlightenment not fading away, but breaking through the gaps in the eastern mountains, a round golden orb of the three trainings, spreading  without limit beneficial and joyous waves of light in all directions.

As the gloomy darkness of ignorance is never-ending and this ocean of saṃsāra not exhausted, putting my trust in you for all time for refuge and hopes, through life after life, I bow to your lotus feet.

Given that the Lord of Refuge of unequalled kindness, the great Tenga Rinpoche, has left for the peace of dharmadhātu, in order that he may again train those fortunate to be his students, this prayer that he return in accordance with his own words, was composed in the form of a request on 5 April 2012, by the one burdened with the name Karmapa and known as Orgyen Thinle. Virtue!


Translated by Edward Henning, Benchen Monastery, Kathmandu. Revised 20 April 2012.

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