Earthquake in Nepal (5)

Update May 1, 2015

These pictures show the distribution of food by the monks. The monks of Benchen monastery in Kathmandu distribute foodstuffs such as rice. The monks from the Shedra in Pharping distribute cooked meals.

On these pictures you can see Lama Akela and other Benchen monks from Pharping on their daily tours, distributing water with the Benchen water truck at various places. The truck has gone to places such as Dachinkali, Kalimati, Teku, Boudha, Pachdara and others.

These pictures show groups of Benchen monks who go out every day to help searching and digging for buried people at many sites of collapsed buildings all over the city.

Dr. Tsering of the Benchen Free Clinic now is supported in his work from some monks.  Every day they go to different places supplying medical aid where needed. They went to places such as Sanku, Dabcha near Namobuddha, Kokhana and more places, dressing wounds, giving out painkillers, antibiotics, medicine for diarrhea, and so forth - whatever is required. So far the stock of medicine has not run out but it is difficult to obtain more.

Tempa and Florian-Tashi

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