Gepa Dorje Gur Rigdu ritual at Benchen monastery

from Benchen Maitreya committee, July 22, 2018

Tashi Deleg!

Currently, the monks of Benchen monastery, Kathmandu are performing the Gepa Dorje Gur Rigdu ritual. This ritual (puja) takes place in the monastery every year following the advice of H.H. Gyalwa Karmapa Orgen Trinley Dorje. This year, the puja started on 15 July, 2018. The first 3 days were used for preparations. The Sand Mandala was completed, after which the main puja began. Today is completed of the 5-day main puja.
This puja is very special and profound, and is considered to belong to one of the 13 Tantras of the Marpa tradition. Wishing all great masters longevity and all sentient beings liberation from samsara.

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