News December 28, 2012

During the 30th Kagyu Monlam 2012 in Bodhgaya, at the 28th December on new moon during the Offering to the Gurus His Holiness Karmapa Orgyen Thrinley Dorje arranged a wonderful shrine beautifully decorated with candles in honor of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche with his picture.

His Holiness paid homage, made prostrations, lit incense, offered a kata and continued the puja. In the afternoon at 4PM His Holiness gave a speech expressing the great fortune of all of us who encountered Kabje Tenga Rinpoche and about the great qualities of Rinpoche and his immense activity for the benefit of all sentient beings.
His Holiness concluded by requesting to pray for the quick rebirth of Tenga Rinpoche and recited the prayer for Rinpoche's swift rebirth composed by His Holiness himself three times.
The Benchen Community offered a mandala with six activities offering and a booklet containing the collected prayers for Rinpoche's swift rebirth to His Holiness and sponsored bread, tea, money offering and, as well, the swift rebirth booklet to the participants of the Kagyu Monlam and lit 50000 butter lamps at the stupa on that same day.

Namaste, Tempa

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