Cremation Date changed to May 23, 2012

Dharma sisters and brothers and friends!

I am very very sorry to announce at such short notice that we have to change the date of the cremation due to considerations according to Tibetan astrology. This matter has been brought to our attention only very recently. The star movements of the 18th May, which is the 28th of the 3rd Tibetan month, is "Thur Go Che" ("open graveyard gate") which means an increased chance for a second cremation in our community. At that same day there is also the constellation called "Ba Den" which means that one should not erect banners and not hang prayer flags that day. If one does anyway, the positive effect is inverted, instead of good it does harm. We have discussed the matter at length with H.E. Drubwang Sange Nyenpa Rinpoche and have come to the following decision:

Due to the circumstances the cremation will be postponed to the 23rd of May, which is definitely confirmed.

All the star constellations on that day are very suitable and very good.
On behalf of the Benchen community I would like to apologize for the delay. We don't want to change it to an earlier date since those of our Sangha that can not change their schedules at least  are able to give homage to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's Kudung. In any event, it is considered much more important to be able to see the Precious Kudung and receive its blessings, than to attend the cremation ceremonies.
Again, we are very sorry.

Namaste Tempa

Update from May 11:

I received lots of phone calls from people who would like to know what it means that due to the astrology there is an increased chance of a second cremation. It means that there is an increased chance for death in our community. That is the meaning of the "second funeral."

Namaste, Tempa

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