Stupa Allmuthen

Stupa AllmuthenAfter a longer period of waiting the building permission for the Stupa in Allmuthen was finally given. The actual construction work started just prior to the summer course 2014. However, due to the construction company's annual holiday break there was a four week building break until mid August 2014. 
Simultaneously all the necessary rituals were performed by our resident lamas recently with the support of Khenpo Gawe Nyima and Drubpön Döndrub Tashi when the two mandalas etc. were placed in the Stupa.

During the summer course 2014 some Sangha members carved the so called "Sogshing", the approx. 5 m long center pole,  which will be core of the Stupa and will be placed in the center of it. The wood was obtained from the Thuja tree which grew next to the Stupa building site in our garden. It was beautifully ornamented and prepared according to the traditional procedures by our resident lamas.
On November 1, 2014 during a beautiful day with blue sky the Sogshing was placed inside the stupa.
Already last year a lot of tsa tsas and mantra rolls were prepared for the Stupa.
On December 27, 2014 a cold winter day during the annual Mahakala recitation - an auspicious day called "ten good omens" - in a ceremony lead by our resident Lama Ngawang Tsultrim the relics of Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche where placed in the stupa.
stupa ornamentNow the metallic ornaments of the stupa which were fabricated in Nepal need to get a galvanic gold plating to become weatherproof. Everything must be ready when Drubwang Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche will visit Benchen Phuntsok Ling end of October 2015 to perform the consecration of the stupa.
As with many building projects the initially planned costs do not cover all the expenses for the construction and decoration. Any financial contribution is therefore most welcome. Please use the bank account here and mention the purpose: Stupa
Thank you!
(Please click on the pictures to watch the building and preparation work - last update: January 5, 2015)

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