We are very happy to inform you that ven. Benchen Khenpo Karma Woesung will be visiting Europe Benchen Phuntsok Ling, Allmuthen.
Khenpo Karma Woesung

Khenpo La is the teacher of Yangsi Tenga Rinpoche.
He is a monk of Benchen Monastery, obtained his Khenpo degree at the Shedra in Rumtek and completed a traditional three-year retreat at the Benchen Retreat Centre in Pharping. He thus combines the qualities of a scholar and practitioner in one person.

On two weekends in March Khenpa La offered to practice Shine (Shamatha) together with him.

The practice of Shine (Sanskrit Shamatha) is the supreme method to achieve true peace and happiness. The quality of our human life not only depends on external development or material progress but also on the inner development of peace and happiness.

For that Shine is the foundation. "Shi" means peace or peaceful, "ne" means abiding. If we practice Shine gradually with diligence and patience our distracting thoughts will eventually subside and we will experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation which in turn will enable us to gain penetrative insight (Lhagtong, Sanskrit Vipashyana). This will benefit ourselves and others.

First weekend:

Begin:  Friday,  March 17  at 18:00
End:  Sunday,  March 19  at noon


Second weekend:

Begin:  Friday,  March 24  at 18:00
End:  Sunday,  March 26  at noon


Daily schedule:

07:30 CET      Teaching and Meditation
08:30 CET Breakfast
10:00 CET Teaching and Meditation
13:00 CET Lunch
15:00 CET Teaching and Meditation
17:00 CET Mahakala Puja
18:30 CET  Dinner
20:00 CET  Teaching and Meditation


Registration only by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order to be able to make all arrangements for the course, a prior binding registration is absolutely necessary. You can cancel your registration free of charge up to two weeks before the start of the course. In case of later cancellation, a processing fee of 25 € will be charged.

Please register as soon as possible because our accomodation possibilities are rather limited!
Bring your own sleeping bag, a blanket and warm clothing.

Fees per weekend: 70 €
A nice course fee like this is only possibe when everybody joins a small assistance job during the course. Please help to clean the tables after meals, vacuum clean, etc.
Location: Europe Benchen Phuntsok Ling, Allmuthen 33, 4760 Büllingen, Belgium